The Amateur Society: Privacy, Blockchain, And Truth Bombs



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With the release of the latest Project Veritas revealing that direct messages on Twitter are captured by the company, the issue of privacy is being discussed once again. We have commented about the importance of transparency, but privacy is of equal if not greater importance. There are mechanisms that are both being built and currently available that claim to offer additional privacy. How effective are these measures? How does the blockchain fit in? What is the impact of various truth bombs on privacy? Will there be additional significant revelations in the weeks and months to come?

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Ross Powell – Is the Dam About to Break? Economic Collapse, Civil Unrest, and Trump Truth Bombs


Ross Powell is the founder of Survival 401k, a specialty financial services company that provides hard-asset based retirement account solutions and preparation recommendations. Please visit his website to explore the critical solutions that Ross offers. Ross also hosts the podcast Remnant Radio Network available via Global Star Radio and through On the Objective. This article was originally published on US Daily Review: Is the Dam About to Break? Economic Collapse, Civil Unrest, and Trump Truth Bombs


If the potential failure of the dam in Oroville, California wasn’t such a precipitous event then it would serve delightfully as a poetic metaphor of the current financial and geopolitical situation. As it stands, we must consider the immediate implications of the event itself before taking a look at its symbolic significance. Residents downstream were given evacuation orders that were apocalyptic in tone. They were essentially told that the dam would fail within an hour. Those warnings turned out to false alarms – thank God – but even so there is no material remedy for the devastating potential that continued rainfall accumulation could have on this vivid picture of crumbling American infrastructure. In the intervening time we now have scattered reports of looting and general chaos in the area.

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Podcast: Vault 7 And The Truth Bomb Option – Weekly Open Call – 02.13.2017


Recently Wikileaks has garnered some attention with a series of cryptic tweets surrounding what is being termed ‘Vault 7’. At this point, we’re looking at a nonspecific advanced notice of planned material releases. Speculation has of course run rampant in relation to the various pictures being used and the exact language of each tweet. We will attempt to discuss the potential here before zooming out to the grand scheme and the larger picture.

While there are many threats currently in operation, there may be an option that could diffuse dangerous situations and lead to a complete reversal in the cultural, financial, and political realms: the truth bomb. We must admit that on a cumulative basis it would be absurd to claim that all the critical information about our past, present, and intended future is currently in the public domain. The truth is our best way out, but it is not without consequences.

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