Podcast: SER 195 – Pete Hendrickson – Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America

2019.08.12 SER

The US Internal Revenue Code has been ridiculed, feared, and despised by virtually everyone. And why not? A presented by the Internal Revenue Service, the code appears illogical, inconsistent, and incomprehensible. As presented, the code defies practically the entire Bill of Rights – requiring citizens to testify against themselves, allowing searches and seizures without warrants, levying fines and penalties without trials and imposing a tax on the basic right to earn a living. As presented, the IRC would appear to turn everything we all thought we had learned in grade school English and Civics on its head.

Is it possible that we all just misunderstood those simple lessons? Maybe. But researcher, analyst, and scholar Peter. E. Hendrickson believes that after reading Cracking the Code, you’ll agree that what has been misunderstood is the 3,413,780 word monstrosity itself – and how, and to whom, it applies.

This episode of SER is my conversation with Pete about the fraud perpetrated upon Americans and what you can do about it.

Pete’s website: http://losthorizons.com/


Podcast: SER 176 – Sam And Patrick Of The Shining Light Podcast – Holding The Line On Truth

2019.02.07 SER

I was introduced to Pastor Sam Jones on a recent radio program. I was blessed to hear him speak that day and since, as we have become better acquainted. Pastor Sam and his friend and fellow servant Patrick Wyett have become fast friends. I am encouraged by their love for our great God and by their thirst for truth and righteousness.

Podcast: On the Objective – Truth Has Fallen In The Streets – Steven Menking – 11.29.2018

11.29.2018 OtO

Thanks for joining us again On the Objective as your host Steven Menking reads and discussed Psalm 44 and Isaiah 59. The cries for justice will be heard, but what will the response be from heaven? If we try to solve our problems without addressing the spiritual component, then we are on a fool’s errand. We must face the truth. We have failed. We have fallen short. We must repent. Cry out to the Lord, and He will deliver beyond anything we could ever expect. The time is now to pray and to seek Jesus. Be overwhelmed by God’s calling today. Thanks for joining us On the Objective!

On the Objective

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Podcast: SER – Dr. Mike Live Episode 2 – The Truth Will Make You Free


In this episode of Dr. Mike Live I discuss truth. The Bible says the truth will make you free.

Friends we are in a battle today for truth.

  • Not my version of truth.
  • Not your version of truth.
  • Not the media’s version of truth.

Our battle for truth recognizes that we submit ourselves to God’s truth; we honor and obey God’s truth, and we help others to discover THE truth.

Links to videos played in this episode:

https://youtu.be/e7wc4z2QGKU Black Pilled – Group Think and Why They Need To Censor Us
https://youtu.be/vrKs_vduiKU Truthstream Media – Social Media Censoring

Podcast: SER 150 – Tracy Beanz – True Journalism In An Age Of Deceit


The media news spin is on overdrive. The insanity coming out of the mouths of politicians, corporate executives, Hollywood elites, and assorted other personalities is shocking, and in this new reality of shock value media, that is saying a lot!

How can the average American make sense of anything they hear from the American media today? The answer to that question, involves a complete recalibration of mind and attitude concerning what is actually true information and what is offered to intentionally mislead and even obfuscate.

My guest today is someone you should be listening to when it comes to parsing the news. She offers keen insights into what is really happening behind the headlines. Stay tuned for my conversation with investigative journalist Tracy Beanz in this episode of SER.

I am very pleased to announce that SER is now heard on (1) Deception Detection Radio Network AND (2) Truth Be Told Radio Network. Thank you to Kay and Kevin for blessing me and SER listeners with these new opportunities.
SER is heard on Global Star Radio Network, Talk America Radio Network, Worldview Weekend Radio Network, Prepper Broadcasting Network, On the Objective Radio Network, and of course on our own platform – soaringeagleradio.com

Tracy Beanz is an investigative journalist and has been in the thick of the political intrigue that is Washington DC as well as reporting on global evils such as child sex trafficking.

Podcast: On the Objective – The Media Is A Battlefield – Jon Robberson – 07.02.2018

Jon Robberson

Join us On the Objective as your host Steven Menking welcomes back Jon Robberson, the producer of The Hagmann Report, for a rundown of the media battlefield that he surveys each and every day. One of the most important fights is in the media landscape, because the victors have the capacity to influence hearts, minds, and sentiments for good or for evil. The team at The Hagmann Report works tirelessly to deliver hard-hitting, relevant, and accurate content against the backdrop of a Christian worldview, and they deserve both praise and support for their ongoing efforts. We hope you enjoy this pointed yet casual conversation, and thanks again for joining us On the Objective!

Jon Robberson

The Hagmann Report: https://www.hagmannreport.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobbersonJon

On the Objective

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Enough Is Enough – Steven Menking – 06.10.2018

TC Desctruction

Enough. It is enough…

Please take three minutes to read everything.

We must reason together now. God has called you to live in this generation. He has made you for a specific purpose. Do you know what it is? Do you know that He has called you to live a supernatural life and to bring glory to the name of Jesus? Are you pressing into the Lord for the strength and faith to live according to His will?

Enough of the bickering. Enough of the personalities. Enough of the division. Enough of the selfishness. Enough of the nonsense!

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters: choose this day whom you will serve and waver no longer between two opinions. Is God who He says He is? Are you who God says you are? Who is more likely to be right, you or God?

We live in a pivotal moment, and we all have both the potential and the duty to glorify God through our decisions and actions. Right here. Right now. Every day. All the time.

We don’t take that responsibility seriously. We fight against ourselves. We scheme for our own benefit. We ignore evil all around us. We absorb an interesting hypothesis and then fit all the evidence to support it. We could never be wrong. We delight in viewing others as ignorant. We turn away from the lost nearest to us. We aren’t praying like we must. We aren’t in the Word like we must. We aren’t worshipping God like we must. We aren’t living like we must.

We must open our eyes fully. Not only to become aware of pervasive institutional corruption along with unabashed evil birthed and maintained by spiritual wickedness, but also to understand that we are responsible for every single decision we make. Moreover, we are responsible for what we choose not to do.

Enough of not taking our responsibility seriously!

For those who are not followers of Jesus: today is the day of salvation. Cry out to Him and receive the free gifts of salvation, the Holy Spirit, and newness of life.

For those who are feeling overwhelmed: press in to the Lord and be overwhelmed by His presence. Jesus has overcome the world, and if we are overwhelmed by Him then the world loses its hold.

For those who are down the rabbit hole: just because something is possible or corresponds to your preferred theories doesn’t mean that you close yourself off to other explanations.

We must get this right. Right here. Right now. Truth matters.

Don’t take your responsibilities lightly. We will be held accountable for it all. Everything matters to God. How are you spending your time? What manner of words are you speaking? Are you consulting and following the Holy Spirit? Have you completely surrendered to God’s will? Do you trust His timing?

Enough of the vitriol. Enough of the cowardice. Enough of the unforgiveness. Enough of the ineffectiveness.

Enough is enough!