Steven Menking – The Hagmann Report – 07.18.2018


Join Steven Menking as he sits down again with Doug and Joe Hagmann on The Hagmann Report! In this segment Steven provides commentary following the Trump/Putin summit in Helsinki and the subsequent outrage. The dynamics of standing firm in conversation and maintaining the proper spirit are on the agenda as are some brief economic commentary and a couple jokes for a bit of levity. These are pivotal times, and if we allow ourselves to be swept away by the anger and vitriol that surrounds us then at best we will suffer from outrage fatigue and at worst the situation will boil over into more widespread violent conflict.

Guest Post: Russia Applauds Nuking Florida and Hillary Clinton Paid for It! – Jon Robberson


President Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly, including the State Duma Parliamentarians, regional governors, members of the Federation Council and other high ranking Russian officials in Moscow on March 1, 2018, eight days ago.  His words, however, are timeless in their warrior-profundity and practicality for our future.

The Speech:

President Putin did not mince words and his words would have resonated with average Americans like a locomotive between the eyes. Except average Americans never heard President Putin’s remarks.

Main Stream Media decided for you that Putin’s words and the video that he played to roaring applause from Russia’s elite, are unimportant, even while CNN, MSNBC and the networks carp and cry about purported collusion between President Donald J Trump and Russia. Collusion that never occured.

What did occur was Vladimir Putin enumerating classified weapons systems (again to thunderous applause) that are faster, quieter, carry higher payloads and are so stealthy that any foe may be annihilated before detection of said weapons.  Also, according to President Putin, “there is no range limitation.”

Should Americans be aware of this?

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Sgt Tim – How President-Elect Trump Can Improve Relations with Russia: The Reagan Formula


This article was originally posted by Sgt Tim at Outlaw Patriot News: How President-Elect Trump Can Improve Relations with Russia: The Reagan Formula


As President-Elect Trump begins to formulate his policies and strategies over the course of his term, it is imperative that he address the growing tension between the US and Russia and work to alleviate the damage done over the past twenty years in US-Russian relations. A good first step would be re-addressing the confidence and security building measures and partnerships that arms control treaties negotiated by the Reagan administration provided.

Many point to the accomplishments of President Ronald Reagan and his policies in dealing with the Soviet Union as what led to the US winning the Cold War. However, this popular theory is somewhat incorrect as what caused the ultimate dissolution of the Soviet Union was its inability to keep up with the US as a global power because of the structure of the socialist system and the tremendous burden of that system on the economy of the country. Planned economies have no way to deal with the realities of changes in the market and changes in supply and demand which will inevitably cause the downward spiral of such economies. Reagan and his administration understood this very well, and understood that there was a groundswell of support within the general populace of the Soviet Union for change, something that the Communist Party was not willing to embrace. Gorbachev was willing to institute some free market policies into the economic plan of the Soviet Union, but didn’t understand that once the Soviet people tasted the freedom and fruits of capitalization, that they would push for more and greater freedoms across the entire spectrum. It was this organic push that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union more than anything that any outside pressure could have done.

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The Global Two Minute Drill: What Happens When the Cracks in the Foundation Are Too Obvious to Ignore, Cover, or Patch?


In the past I’ve written about how our economic and governmental institutions are currently maintained because of a perception of confidence. In A Collapse in Credibility I anticipated a hastening erosion of confidence in the Federal Reserve. Fast forward three months and even mainstream media outlets are questioning the effectiveness of the ongoing emergency monetary policy at the Fed in light of their lies concerning data dependence and their lack of direction. Some are even openly declaring that the unprecedented monetary policy pursued over the last decade has failed. While this was by no means a difficult forecast, to this day it remains opaque to those who hold on to the beliefs that the Fed has their best interests in mind, is focused only on its stated objectives, has the power to achieve its stated objectives, and provides accurate prognostications.

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